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Rune Works began in 2007 as an outlet for innovative artists looking to thrive. Today, Rune Works Productions Ltd. includes work from author R.J. Huneke, small press publications -like The Forgotten Fiction Magazine– and provides a unique service where artists promote art in a media-marketing and web development role we call CMO Sync. Our Mission​ is to create art, to give a voice to others, and to broadcast innovative works to the world at large.


What Is Your Art?

We are all about producing and promoting art, in its myriad forms (except for AI, which we deem theft, at this point). Rune Works has worked with magazines, novels, film, children’s books, comic books, cartooning, fine art, web design & much more!

As an experienced group of artists, writers, editors, creators, directors, producers, and publishers, we know the challenges of budget, exposure, and success in markets flooded with content.

The art, content, and business consulting from New York professionals in our CMO Sync division, makes for innovative public relations stratagem touching on media, marketing, content, SEO, and web design.

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Writing makes up the crux of all content + SEO. This is essential to standing out online and in person.

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The Forgotten Fiction Magazine

The Forgotten Fiction magazine features book reviews of quality written works of fiction, as well as previews of upcoming book releases, and interviews with authors and illustrators.

Rune Works Productions Ltd. is a production house and consultancy.

We make quality art in myriad forms, including novels, magazines, fine art, pop art, film, animation, gaming, critical reviews, comic books, illustration, and cartooning.

We began in 2007 as an outlet for innovative artists looking to thrive with their works.

The object: to give a voice to unique artists – the weird, the talented, the controversial – and bring those voices to the world.

Today we are fortunate to work with some amazing artists across a menagerie of mediums. Current clients include R.J. Huneke, Leslie Ditto, Fred Harper, Cheryl Huneke, Lisa Lebel, MundoNow, and many more.

As a source of entertainment media, we have worked in the production of books of fiction, poetry, graphic novels, website design, content, advertising, PR, animation, photography, gaming, journalism, and film adaptation, including book trailers.

Our divisions are dedicated to creating, representing, and producing vastly innovative content for all types of audiences, including business and marketing consulting, content creation, social media and web design.

Rune Works Productions Ltd. differs from traditional media, production, and publishing houses in that our business model favors the artist. Why? We are artists ourselves.

We are well known for custom writing and editing services that have been featured in hundreds, if not thousands, of publications. May we ever keep carving out the runes!




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